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Expanding the Field of

Technology & Perception


across the borders of

art, science and disruptive technology


STOCKHOLM, December 2014



Interferens is a collaborative platform for contemporary art in new technologies, a laboratory and venue for interdisciplinary art and actionbased research.


Technology and mediated information are transforming the world in which we live, resulting in shifts in social interaction and the way we perceive ourselves as well as our environment.

We want to develop conceptual and critical practises for understanding and navigating in our contemporary experience. Art and artists are increasingly responding to these changes by integrating the language and methods of science into their practise. In inteferens we intertwine artistic and scientific processes to examine our relations, concepts and perceptions of our

mediated world.



If we can't even say where we are, how can we ever hope to shift our course?







Symphonyof a Missing Room,

2009 - ongoing






Taking place in the visitors consciousness, this composite and Immaterial Artwork, which was conceived 2009 and had its inception at the National Museum, Stockholm has since travelled to over 10 major European Museum.


Being reinvented for each site if form a series of individual works reflecting the exhibitions it inhabits. Symphony of a Missing Room is a guided museum tour where the visitors depart on both a collective and an extremely personal journey. Via wireless headphones, a voice takes visitors, led by performers, on an itinerary that traverses layers of physical and imaginary architecture of the museum and its curatorial space. By the use of multi-sensoryillusions and binaural sound recordings the visitor's attention is steered away from the visible and tangible world and diverted into a new perception of the self, time and space.


The work gathers its narratives and histories from the institutional collections and architectures it inhabits and has previously inhabited. While Symphony is concerned by physical displays of history described and embodied by museums, it is also a learning machine, that absorbs and reconstitutes its own past, reciting the lessons of that past each time it is physically refashioned, and each time begins again.


read more: www.lundahl-seitl.com


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to watch an online version of

Symphony of a Missing Room

Produced by BBC Arts





“Magic Realism is not scalpel

sharp for this experience”

—Ronald Jones, Art Forum

December 2010



“The partial sensory deprivation makes

you more attuned: you begin to notice

tiny changes in air temperature, smell

and texture. The emphasis on your inner

eye makes you look more keenly once the

blindfold is removed.”

— Sarah Hemming, Financial Times, 2014



“It refuses to apply the bells and whistles of most immersive practices. With stimulus reduced to flickering white light, the touch of hands, the sound of footsteps, reality is indeed ‘augmented’ – by sheer force of imagination.”

— Matilda Bathurst, Apollo Magazine, June 2014



STOCKHOLM, Oct 2014 - sept 2015


The project is a full-scale experiment in the intersecting field of art, computer games and architecture. Forty million Minecraft gamers all over the world were invited to create a new capital in an Open world game design, where we have generated the topology of Stockholm. Blockholm examines how a city can be used, understood, or completely reimagined through the medium of an interactive multiplayer game. Architecture and gaming converge to open up city planning to a broad audience, wherein the traditional hierarchies of age, status and education are irrelevant and everyone is invited to build the city according to their vision of the ideal urban landscape.

The game becomes a means to have an impact on society. We wanted to stage the encounter between the utopian and alternative realities of the game and contemporary issues of urban planning and architecture. Blockholm was a fantastic site for joy of creation, innovation and collaboration, constantly generating new forms. A city is never finished, just like the open world game has no end.



Technology and the Child



Part of the 2014 exhibition Ursinnen*, at Färgfabriken, Stockholm, this open conversation titled Technology and the Child lifts up Lundahl & Seitl’s art, while prompting a wider discussion into transdisciplinary research and practice, where imaginative approaches trigger the design of new technologies focusing on the human qualities of touch and nearness, embodied presence and trust.


Producer: Anette Andersson (Artikel 31)

Speakers: Martina Seitl, Christer Lundahl Helena Granström (writer & poet), Ronald Jones (interdisciplinary professor & artist), Erika Tanos (ethnographer).


Moderator: Mats Bigert

Location: Färgfabriken, Stockholm





” We propose that there may be aspects of experiencing art and the world as a whole, where children possess a capacity beyond and different from adults. That is, in their ability to be present in phenomenological experiences, not only of art, but the world at large”


Curator Mats Bigert &

Producer Anette Andersson

- about the exhibition Ursinnen -




Time of no Time

Dome of Visions KTH,

October 2014.



Artist duo Lundahl & Seitl invited a smaller audience group to join them at Dome of Visions, KTH in Stockholm for a presentation about the process of working on their most recent creation: Time of no Time, followed by a testing of a prototype version.


Professor Ronald Jones ( School of Design, Harward University, introduces the evening with a talk on Agneseology - the Limits of Knowing. Walter Osika (Director, Centre of Social Sustainability, Ki Institute) ends wit some reflections on his experience of Time of no Time and its possible psychological effects.



Re:Imagining Democracy


This dynamic workshop on the future of Hammarby Sjöstad was a part of the Kulturnatt Stockholm program of 2015. In this event a select group of influential citizens, politicians and other officials were lead by professionals from The Experience Design Group to imagine possible futures for the Hammarby Sjöstad community and sharing these visions, redesigning the democratic process.


Using a powerful method for sparking imaginative visions of our future and other creative techniques, citizens and politicians could openly discuss and co-create a future beyond the traditional ways of public participation.



The event was commissioned by Sjöstadens Hembygdsförening and Gunlaug Östbye together with FutureMap & Kulturnatten


The Experience Design Group team:


Lundahl & Seitl

Pomme Van Hoof

Ronald Jones

Max Kleijberg

Erika Tanos

Fernanda Torre


Okänt Moln

Likt ett väderfenomen, som föregås av sitt “rykte” genom sociala media, väderleksrapporter och tidningsartiklar är Okänt Moln på Väg mot Sverige är ett nomadiskt konstverk - en intersubjektiv ljud-upplevelse som tar formen av ett mytologiskt "digitalt moln" som färdas över nationella gränser, i huvudsak inom Sverige och Norden men även runt stora delar av jordklotet. (OM) är ett transdisciplinärt samarbete som aktivt ingriper i dagens deltagande digitala kultur, sociala medier och internet. På samma sätt som man måste vara på rätt tid och rätt plats för att se en solförmörkelse - följer man molnet på en väderkarta på nätet och då ett smalt tidsfönster står öppet runt solnedgång går man till platsen som webbsidan föreslår likt en flashmob; kanske en park, en skolgård eller en höjd över staden.

Projektets titel härmar formatet utav en nyhetsartikel som ändras för varje geografisk plats det besöker, ex; Okänt Moln På Väg Mot Malmö etc.

Verket består av en upplevelse av ett fiktivt fenomen, ett okänt moln som för med sig minnen, idéer och tankar. Upplevelsen gestaltas och utformas i en app som utvecklats i den nyskapande utvecklingsmiljön Nagoon. Den består av en omslutande upplevelse i ett komplext 3-dimensionellt ljudlandskap som läggs som ett lager över verkligheten.

Ljuden är positionerade i miljön eller följer planeternas positioner beräknade i realtid. En realtidslänk förmedlar ljud mellan två korresponderande platser, mellan två deltagare där molnet passerar samtidigt. Dessa kan vara på helt olika platser i världen. I ett moment i upplevelsen, Tidskapseln, kan deltagarna berätta minnen och tankar som färdas vidare i molnet till en annan tid och plats.


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